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State Legislation

The NH Federation is prioritizing the following bills in the 2019 legislative session:

Strong Support SB 77Relative to Costs of Care for Seized Animals & Prohibiting Future Animal Ownership.

 This bill would:
1.Require a “preliminary hearing” within 14 days of the lawful seizure of animals by law enforcement. It is not intended to expedite the criminal trial but rather create an opportunity to discuss issues pertaining to the animals being held such as boarding, medical care and safety.
2.Clarify the existing post-conviction bond process and sets a timeframe of 14 days for a defendant to post a bond or forfeit the animals so that animals are not left in limbo for months and months.
3.Clarify and strengthen the ban on animal ownership and closes loopholes in the current law.




Strong Support SB 161 - Relative to Pet Vendors

This bill would:
Define “in the business of transferring animals is” as an entity that transfers 20 or more dog or cats in a 12 month period. This would apply to commercial breeders, pet stores, shelters and rescues and would address issues with irresponsible breeders through licensure, inspection and oversight.
Currently in NH, our threshold for licensing breeders is 50 puppies or 10 litters which is more than double that of our neighboring states. Licensing would allow the State Veterinarian and Dept of Agriculture to have more oversight on the transfer of animals, enforce minimum standards of care and inspect in response to consumer complaints. Licensing also puts into place protections for consumers such as a mandated return policy.